Hello World

Hello my name is Charles Richardson and I am a senior at WVU’s P.I. Reed School of Journalism and I am from a town called Pennsauken located in New Jersey.  I initially fell in love with journalism when I wrote for my high school’s newspaper during my sophomore year.

I previously worked as a news staffer at the campus radio station, WWVU-FM, which is commonly referred to as U92. At U92 I wrote, produced and broadcasted live news story as well as put together news packages. I also worked for WVU Her Campus as a staff writer. Every week I was responsible for producing an article that pertained to events or issues occurring on the West Virginia University campus.

I hope one day that I will be a television news producer for a major network.  Working behind the scenes in the control room or the editing room is exciting.  Putting together a television or radio production for many people is something that I will take great pride and joy in.  In addition I would like to work for a news network that is located in New York City.  I would love to work in any major city, but New York City is my number one destination for my career.

I am starting a new blog here on WordPress that will discuss how social media has given more power to the people in regards to the news and breaking events.  I also want to explore how, if at all possible, if the perception of a journalist has changed since the rise of social media.  Certain aspects like how fast a story is published versus whether the story is accurate is one of the many things I would like to cover.


One thought on “Hello World

  1. There’s a lot about you here – and that’s GOOD – but you could use some greater depth and particulars about what to expect of the blog itself. What are examples of stories that get you thinking? What can you tell prospective readers about what to expect? You might consider placing that section first as well, leaving the personal details for after they’ve gotten the big picture, if only because you’re likely to first find more readers interested in your subject than in yourself (at least at first).

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