Blogs I Follow

Here are the blogs that I am currently following.

Boston Blog Pictures: I’ve decided to follow this blog because I think their use of story telling through pictures is excellent and I hope to implement visuals of my own to enhance my blog posts.

CNN iReportThis is an excellent blog for me to follow because it’s user-generated media.  This blog site follows stories that are important/covered by the mass public.

Cyber Journalist: This blog site covers different aspects of journalism, news and social media.  For example there is a post about how Facebook is trying to implement a newspaper program for its mobile users.

Djenne Djenno: This is a blog site in which the author, Sophie Sarin, talks about her experiences opening a hotel in Mali.  I thought this would be a great blog to follow because the author does a fantastic job of using her words to create vivid story telling, something I hope to use effectively in the future.

James Fallows – The AtlanticI believe this will be a great blog to follow because of the content matter.  James Fallows talks about a number of different issues; one of is unbalanced media coverage of American politics.

Jeff Bullas: I started following Jeff Bullas’ blog because he talks about how social media sites are being used by people or companies to advertise and promote.  I want to look at social media through a variety of aspects.

John Teti – The Gameological Society: I followed this blog because I like the idea of taking something your genuinely interested in, in this case that’s video games, and making an in-depth blog site about it.  I want to take the same approach for my blog, by turning something I’m passionate about into a comprehensive blog.

Online Journalism BlogI thought this blog would be informative for me since it pertains to happenings in the world of journalism, in particular, online journalism.

Press ThinkThis is another blog site that pertains strictly to journalism and any events that occur which directly affect it.

The Washington Post/Erik WempleI thought Erik Wemple’s blog would be great to follow because not only does he report on certain issues but he also gives his opinions on the matter.  A reporter giving his or her opinion on a subject is not something you will find often, and for that reason I will Wemple’s blog.


One thought on “Blogs I Follow

  1. Pretty good mix of individual and organization perspectives. I’m intrigued by your inclusion of Djenne Djenno, which seems odd but is explained quite well (will this realistically be an ongoing source of information for you, though?).

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