Old Mediums Are Fading

Social media has provided us with a new means of getting our news information.  We no longer have to wait for the six o’clock news broadcast to air for late breaking coverage and gone are the days in which people had to wait until the next day to grab a copy of a newspaper to get caught up with information.  Social media, and technology as a whole, has altered how fast we can receive information, but what has this done to older mediums such as newspapers? In essence, people no longer need newspapers to get their information and the print industry on all levels has been greatly affected by social media and technology.

There is no doubt that the print industry has taken one of the harder hits of this new form of media.  According to reports newspaper circulations have decreased by double digits since 2008, and advertising revenues have also taken a dive.  The rise of social media has given the mass public more flexibility to get their news how they want to and when they want to.  Facebook may even include a newspaper feature for its users.  The mass public no longer needs to pick up the paper in order to get their information.  With circulations down some companies need to make major staff cuts and create a bigger push to integrate technology into the journalism craft.

A lot of major newspapers are putting more emphasis into their online publications (The New York Times etc.) and with that they utilize the features of social media.  Professional journalists now have the ability to publish up-to-the-minute information through the use of social media, but this could create even more pressure for a professional journalist to get it done faster but maintain the accuracy.   These days news organizations are becoming more focused on how many views their Facebook gets page rather than how many newspapers they have in circulation or how many viewers are tuned in for their broadcasts.

Social media is completely changing the way news organizations present their news and this may be a permanent change. Do you think a day will exist when we no longer have newspapers or people no longer gather around the television as a family to watch the nightly broadcast?


One thought on “Old Mediums Are Fading

  1. CAREFUL with those charts. I’m glad you’re including a link to the original, but there’s no source line below it and no explanatory text above. In addition, you really just shouldn’t do it – better to report the numbers and include a link where readers can go to see this work that someone else did. Your links aren’t really building on the conversation because they’re mostly newsposts. For this assignment, you needed to give an idea of how a specific topic is being discussed by bloggers in your area, requiring you to report on the conversation. There’s definitely value in integrating newsposts, it’s just not what you needed here.

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