Positive Strides With Technology

I feel as though I’ve spent the last few posts talking about how social media and new technology has negatively affected the professional world of journalism, so with this post I want to talk about the benefits of social media and technology.  At the end of the day social media and technology has made work for journalist easier in many regards.


In the world of journalism some people are familiar with the concept of “on man banding,” which is when a journalist is in the field by his or herself and is responsible for all aspects of a news story.  That one journalist is responsible for gathering the facts, taking pictures, and recording video when necessary rather than having a whole team with each person focusing on different aspects.   Technology, in particular cell phones, has greatly enhanced the way a journalist can tell their story their own.  Now a journalist can bring their smartphone to an event take pictures, record video, take down notes and tweet the event live all from their phone.


The level of convenience is absolutely astounding and 20 years ago the idea of doing everything on a phone was a farfetched idea.  Social media has journalist a chance to connect with their audience on a greater level.  These days most news organizations either have a Facebook page, a Twitter page or both.  Having these social media sites allows news organizations to post things faster but it also encourages the mass public to engage in and participate with the news.  A great example of this is CNN’s iReport blog site, which encourages readers/viewers to present potential newsworthy ideas and share those ideas on blog site.  This level of connectivity could be the way of the future for journalism as more “crowd sourcing” is used to come up with story ideas or further push a story along.


There’s no doubt technology is changing the way journalist cover stories.  Yes, there are some negative aspects to it, but there some positives that go along with it.  Journalist can now cover a story much easier by themselves with the use of one cell phone.  Social media has now allowed news organizations to connect with audience on a greater level.


One thought on “Positive Strides With Technology

  1. Only one link? Good idea for a post, but surely there are links that can tell us more about “on man bonding”. If there’s only one example out there, maybe it’s not so popular.

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