Photos here, photos there, photos everywhere!

I’ve decided to switch gears a bit for this post and discuss more of the photojournalism aspect of the industry and social media has impacted it.  More and more people are using Instagram these days for their photo taking and sharing needs.  With Instagram anyone can take a picture, obviously, change the filter of a shot to fit their needs and instantly share it with anyone in the world.  This much freedom can allow almost anyone to develop serious skills with camera work.

The rise in the amount of Instagram users has caused the fashion industry, for example, to take notice.  You will see a lot of fashion journalist using their smartphones along with Instagram to capture shots of models on the runway, or gather pictures during a photo-shoot.  Some fans who attended fashion and took pictures of the event actually had their photos used professionally.

Of course with a powerful tool, such as Instagram, it would only be a matter of time until the news industry would catch on and capitalize on this.  In today’s world you will see a lot more news organizations utilizing Instagram as they’ll post pictures of important events happening in the news.  Do you think this takes away from the job of the photojournalist?  If a reporter is capable of going out and capturing their photos and posting it to Instagram then why would we need a photojournalist?


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