Why Learn?

Why do attend we attend college?  Most people will say to get an education and prepare us for jobs in the real world.  For aspiring journalists this means spending countless hours in edit labs or mock newsrooms learning the craft.  They learn how to conduct an interview, write effectively to capture the essence of a story, and learn what is newsworthy and what is not.  The increase of social media, in my opinion, has blurred the importance of attending college and learning the ways of journalism.


Think about it, people everywhere in the world are becoming their own journalist through their use of social media.  If something important happens there will be someone on Twitter who posts about it as quickly as possible.  If there is a new bill that is passed by Congress someone on Facebook will post it to their timeline for all of the world, or at least their Facebook friends, to see.  In essence, an everyday citizen who posts to their social media accounts about the events of the world are practicing journalistic skills especially when it comes to late-breaking news.


So if we can learn journalistic skills through social media then what is the point in attending a four year university and pay money to learn the craft?  Now news organizations these days are pushing for digital work through online readership and social media.  CNN has even started the iReport blog in which they encourage the mass public to come together to present story ideas or push a story along.  This has been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to know what everyone else thought on that.


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