The Magic of Blogging

I’ve spent the past two weeks using my blog to talk about technology and social media and how it has changed journalism, but the funny thing is I don’t I ever mentioned blogs.  How could I not speak on the very tool that I’m using now to get my point across?  Anyway, blogs, as you could imagine, are very powerful tools that a journalist might use.


A journalist’s blog is a great way for them to connect to their audience even more.  With frequent blog post and the ability to leave comments the public is strongly encouraged to participate by leaving feedback or interacting with each other.  Professionals now can directly communicate with those who listen, and it can also go the other way around.  There are many people who are not professional journalists but may have started a blog and are receiving attention from the professionals.


Blogs are a great way for people to express their opinion a little more freely on whatever they wanted to talk about.  I find some of the best blogs are the ones that has social commentary, but with a good amount of factual information to back up whatever claim they’re making.  All of you potential bloggers out there, go ahead and start blogging you never know who may be watching.



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