Blog-A-Day Summary

All I can say is, wow!  When I received the blog-a-day assignment at first I thought, “there’s no way this can be all that difficult,” and in a sense it wasn’t.  However, the challenge lies in keeping up with the world and any information that pertained to my blog.  I felt like every 2-3 hours I was checking some of my blog roll for any interesting tidbits that I could use for my upcoming blogs, but after a few days I felt as though the task became more daunting.


            It also felt more challenging to create more blogs as the week went on.  Basically the first two or three days went by smoothly for me and I felt like I had this assignment under control, but about the fourth day I was lost.  I struggled to create more topics to discuss, and it felt more difficult to put out a consistent quality of work throughout the week.  I can honestly say that my quality of work had decreased as the week went on.  I called it “blogging fatigue” during the week, but it was a great lesson learned on blogging.


            This assignment has given me a newfound respect for those who blog not only everyday but several times a day as well.  If I didn’t know before I definitely know now that it takes a good amount of time and dedication to creating a thoughtful, informative and entertaining blog on a daily basis.  This assignment taught me the importance of staying on top of my information and keeping up-to-date with everything regarding my blog.  I will take what I learned from this assignment and apply them to my blog for the future. 



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