Here’s something to link about.

Something that I want to ask to the people out there is do you think linking to other journalist is a type of journalism?  I remember discussing linking earlier in the semester in my blogging class, and it made me think about how journalist are linking to other journalist.  There’s a short article on Readwrite that talks “link-journalism” and how it is used.  In a nutshell journalist will put links from other articles into their own work to give their work more credibility or insight.  Just about every article I can think of the journalists are using links from other articles, heck we’re even encouraged to use links in our blogging class.

With more journalists using social media, which leads to more of them linking to each other, do you think we should consider “link-journalism” a new form of journalism?  These days competitive news organizations are now linking to each other, whereas years ago the idea of it was considered absolutely farfetched.

If “link-journalism” were considered a new form of journalism what about any potential legal issues that may come about.  It might be easier for a journalist working for a news organization to link to other sites and articles since they have the backing of their company, but what about the average social media user?  For example, I do not work for any news organization, so do I still have the same freedoms to link to other news websites or will I feel the wrath of angry advertising companies who help fund the news companies?

These are just my thoughts, but what do you think?  Should “link journalism” be considered a form of the craft, and if so should everyone be protected equally in the legality of it?


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