The Twitter Times

There are many professional journalists use Twitter to promote stories or release late breaking news, but there are millions of Twitter users who don’t work for professional news organizations.  Do you think they deserve to be hired due to their diligence with their Twitter account?  In essence Twitter users are practicing journalistic methods with the way they break news on the micro blogging site.  There are even reports of Twitter getting into the news business.  So why not hire these folks?  There’s even a formula for getting hired through Twitter.

I’ve always thought Twitter to have a more “Wild West” feel to it. What I mean by that is people can say pretty much whatever they want however they want.  There is no real governing body who’s patrolling what is being said on Twitter and therefore people have that freedom to say whatever.  If Twitter is thinking about entering into the news business they could run into some serious issues.

There was an online article that highlighted how the Turkish government was hiring 6,000 Twitter users to help shape the opinion of the younger population.  This type of power to spread an agenda (even though some news organizations have their own agendas) coupled with the fact that Twitter can go unchecked can cause problems, but then again I could be overreacting.  How do you feel about Twitter entering the news business?



One thought on “The Twitter Times

  1. I notice you’re trying to incorporate a question into the end of each post. That’s a good idea, but consider setting it off a little more clearly (e.g., a separate line and in italics). Also, don’t forget the map post due this week!

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