So with all of this talk about Twitter I began to wonder where do people tweet the most?  When I ask that question I mean which states (in the United States) have the most Twitter users.  I found a few articles that showcased the top states with the most Twitter users.  According to reports California tops the list followed by Texas at number two, Florida at number three, Illinois is fourth and Georgia rounds out the top five.  I was a little surprised to see New York at number six and not in the top five (although six out of 50 is pretty high).  It’s also interesting to note that four out of the top five Twitter states have the highest population in the country (California, Texas, Florida and Illinois respectively).

Here are the top five states with the most Twitter users.

What I think is even more interest is that the United States only accounts for about 20% of all Twitter users in the world as of 2010.  In fact the country with the most Twitter Users is China with 35 million.  While I’m not entirely sure of the reason for this it may have something to do with population.  I also wonder if Twitter has a different appeal in other countries.


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  1. This is pretty broad. Yes, your blog deals with social media, of which Twitter is a form, but … well, your focus has been on news, and this doesn’t touch on that at all. With regard to the map itself, there’s very little information added to the data points: They’re just state names and rankings. What do the colors of the data points mean? If you make something visually different, readers are going to expect that data layer to mean something, but the color doesn’t actually mean anything (we already know they’re different places because they’re marked by separate pins), so it’s a bit misleading.

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