The People’s Choice

Yesterday in class a fellow student did a presentation on user-generated content.  Her presentation made me think to myself, “I wonder how much news organizations truly rely on the average citizen to gather material.”  These days with so many people using social media the amount of user generated content has increased significantly to the point where news organizations have called upon them for their content.  In fact NBC has purchased a new digital company that will allow them to use videos posted by everyday people using their smartphones.

Do you think there will come a time when news organizations will rely to heavily on user-generated content?  Don’t get me wrong there are great benefits to having user generated content such as having access to photos, videos or sound of a breaking news item.  Also by getting this content certain news organizations can have access to content that others will not, thus giving them an advantage.

I do fear the amount of user-generated content can take away from the job of a journalist.  There will always be a need for journalist but a lot of their responsibilities can be delegated to the people and the content they produce, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  News organizations can benefit greatly from user-generated content, but will there be a day where it could potentially replace the traditional journalist.


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