Social Media Changes The World

As my last post before I head for Thanksgiving break I’ve decided to highlight all the ways social media has changed the world since it became popular.  Even though Facebook and Twitter have millions of users some may not realize just how much those sites have changed the way we communicate with each other or gather information.


I want it now!

            In the not-too distant past people only had newspapers to get their information.  This meant that if something happened some people had to wait until the next day.  Even with television there was still a time difference when something happened and when people found out.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter have given people (journalists in some cases) the opportunity to present news as it was happening.  A recent example of this is the Boston Marathon Bombings that took place earlier this year.  Numerous people and organizations took to Twitter to break the news as it was happening to let the world know. 


Communication is a two way street or 3.

            Social media has completed shattered the way we used to communicate with each other.  Gone are the days where all we had are telephone calls or actually meeting people.  If someone wants to talk with another all they have to do is go one Facebook and send them a message, or they could hop on Twitter and tweet at someone.  If someone is feeling really creative they could create a Vine video and send that to a friend.  Basically what I’m saying is the convenience for communication is at all-time high.  As I said in an earlier post professional journalists can use this convenience to communicate with their audience.

While social media is still a relatively new thing, there is no doubt the changes that it has made deeply affect the way we live our daily lives whether we realize or not. 


Something on Your Vine?

This week in my class we were talking about something called data journalism, in which tools (i.e. websites, databases) are used to provide information about a given subject.  Data journalism, along with social media, have been the new age way that journalist could collect their information for their stories, but with all of this talk about what is great now I start to wonder, what will be the next big thing that will sweep the journalism industry?

We already have many news organizations that call upon the people and user-generated content for more story ideas.  We already have social media sites like Twitter or Facebook where reporters can release new information instantly or connect with their audience, so I ask you all, what do you think the next big thing will be.

More and more people are using Vine these days and who’s to say that won’t get utilized more within the industry.  I think the same way Twitter made posting things shorter and much more simple, Vine can do the same thing for journalists.  The only limitation with Vine, however, is the amount of time allotted per video, with the length only averaging about 7 seconds long, so it’ll be interesting to see just how journalists will spend that precious time getting their stories across.  Tell me what you think?