Grad School vs. The Workforce

Should I find a job or should I go to grad school and hold off from the work force?  This is a question that many soon-to-be college graduates ask themselves and sometimes it can be a difficult question to answer.  On one hand finding a job right out of college would be great for students to start paying back their student loans while getting a good start on their careers, but lately the job market has not been too kind to recent college graduates.  On the other hand attending graduate school would help students further their education and in the long run earn more money, but the rising costs of tuition for both umdergrad and grad students would add more to their debt once they’re finished.  This is a difficult conundrum that even I must deal with myself as I prepare for graduation.

Graduate school

Even though the amount of students attending grad school has dropped 1.7 percent there are individuals who want to expand on their education, so they make a decision to go graduate school.  In the long run this decision benefits those people greatly.  Then there are people who attend grad school because they simply cannot find a job.  I had a friend of mine who told me that he couldn’t find work so he said, “what the heck I might as well go to grad school.”  Maybe attending grad school while the job market is not in the greatest shape is a good idea after all.  Hopefully once students finish grad school the job market could be better and students can find jobs and since they’ve earned their Master’s degree or a PHD they could earn more money.


The workforce

What if that job you’ve always wanted is available and the only time you can take the opportunity is now?  For some people if they have that chance to get a job they will jump on it as quickly as possible.  However there are those who simply enter the workforce (even if it isn’t related to their degree) to get a start on paying back their student loans.  There are many students who find themselves in debt due to their student loans and tuition, so they want to pay that back as soon as possible.


I’m certain navigating through life after graduation can be difficult.  There are valid reasons for people to either stay in school or go out into the workforce.  It just all comes down to whatever makes the most sense for you.