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Technology has given the mass public an opportunity to engage in and participate in the news industry.  These days whenever a reporter posts an online story there is a comment section where people are encouraged to leave their thoughts on that particular story.

Technology has also given rise to social media and now people can remain to connected to the news and each other at all times if necessary.  Websites like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog sites gives anyone the power to express themselves however they see fit, but has social media given people too much power? Has social media allowed anyone to be a journalist?  In some regards social media has allowed people to act as pseudo-journalist.  In today’s society someone could find out about a breaking news story through Facebook or Twitter from a friend on his or her news feed.  That individual has now become a channel of some sort for that particular news story

Today some people take it upon themselves to report the news whether it is through their blog sites or other websites like Facebook.  An average citizen could act as a journalist in some regard by reporting their own stories and posting them online to social media sites.  This could potentially lead to serious issues dealing with accuracy and biases.  This idea of social journalism grants someone the power to speak to the public and potentially alter the judgments of those who pay attention.  For example if it were election season someone could post stories or snippets online through social media about one particular candidate that could alter someone’s viewpoint.

Social media has allowed all of us to stay connected with one another, but has it given too much power to people with no journalism experience


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